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Many of us have experienced moments, or even longer stretches of time, when we become keenly aware that some kind of alignment of sorts is taking place in our lives. Sometimes this kind of experience presents itself in subtle ways, such as a seemingly casual gesture from an acquaintance or friend that directly addresses, clarifies or relates to a private question we are pondering. At other times, we find the “coincidences” to be even more powerfully poignant, as we may witness a whole series of completely unrelated occurrences that appear to have an underlying theme, with us as the central common factor. These moments, pregnant with what seems to be hidden meaning, may offer the clues to a deeper understanding of who we are, what we are seeking and where to find it. (more…)

We humans have a way of disappointing ourselves sometimes. To put it bluntly, we fall short pretty regularly of our own expectations and those of others. We say we are going to do something, but don’t always follow through…we say we are going to STOP doing something else, but are still doing it. We fall into patterns of behavior that are unhealthy for us yet the comfort of their familiarity makes them hard to break. We had an idea, and still do in fact, of where we would like to be at this point in our lives but many of us aren’t quite jazzed about all of the dynamics of our current snapshot. (more…)

This week’s assignment is designed to create awareness of and transform the way in which you take care of yourself. So…let me get straight to it. You are going to create your own PERSONAL HEALTH GUIDELINES. Imagine you have been assigned to train someone who has suffered complete memory loss and has no idea what guidelines to follow in order to maintain balance and well-being. This will help put you in the mindset of outlining simple and basic directions.

Let’s get started on the path to better health and well-being this week with some simple steps.

1.     Create individual health-related sections.

You are going to have sections or divisions. Let’s begin with FOOD. Everyone is different so outline your own objectives.

  • What are the things you need to be doing in order to best care for yourself?
  • Do you need to eat breakfast more often?
  • Do you need to limit your calories?
  • Do you need to eat more veggies?
  • Do you need to cut out sodas?
  • Discontinue late night binges?

Give yourself easy, simple directions.

2.     Examine your exercise needs and goals.

Next section, EXERCISE. What kinds of regimen do you need to continue or implement to maintain or further your health? What should you be doing if you want to be considered healthy and fit?

3.     Review your bad habits.

Ok…now HABITS. This section is a biggie! This is going to encompass things like smoking, drugs, alcohol, sleep. So…be honest with yourself and don’t rationalize these things away. What SHOULD you be doing if you were taking good care of yourself?

4.     Assess your medical needs.

Ok…now, MEDICAL. What kinds of annual tests and checkups should you be having? What kinds of medical restrictions should you be following? What kinds of conditions should you be treating or monitoring? Vitamins, supplements, medicines, etc.

5.     Evaluate your appearance.

Let’s move now to IMAGE. What should you be doing regularly in order to maintain a positive image? Should you cut your toenails before they reach werewolf status? Should you trim your nose hair before it is long enough to braid? Is it time to update your wardrobe or hairstyle? Finally going to break down and submit to a skin care routine?

6.     Look inside and go deep.

Now to PERSONAL/EMOTIONAL. What kinds of behavior do you need to continue or discontinue in order to take care of your heart, body, soul and spirit? Do you need to commit to always having protected sex? Do you need to discontinue dating people who are bad news or dead ends? Do you need to start standing up for yourself? Do you need to take more time alone? Do you need to learn how to say NO? Do you need to start meditating or journaling? Do you need to hire a life coach or therapist to help you get on track? Write down the things you need to do that will help you FEEL good…what will make you feel as if you are taking good care of YOU?

7.     Create as many categories you want.

Add as many sections or categories as you’d like…remember, you are designing a custom-made operations manual for how to do justice to yourself.

8.     Accept imperfection, but aim high.

Now, here’s the cool part. We all know you are not going to be perfect all the time and that surely you will not always adhere to every guideline. HOWEVER, by creating this contract and writing down how you KNOW to best care for yourself, you hold yourself to that knowledge. It is no longer a vague understanding or a fly by the seat of your pants type of deal. When you do things that are not good for you, a part of you will know you are going against your own understanding and knowledge of what is best. This is not to say I want you to torture yourself every time you make a mistake…but awareness is the key. Once you become aware that you are going against what is best for you, you can begin to question and understand WHY…

Have fun, Folks!

You owe it to yourself and others to do this work. Forge ahead.

Erin Williams



One of the most simple and effective tools you can utilize to create an authentic and productive life is to understand and communicate your intentions. If you do not communicate what you want from your life, or from the people you encounter, or from yourself, it is often very difficult to bring it fruition. Without setting the tone and putting your intentions on the table, you miss out on the rest of the energy surrounding you to assist you in your endeavors.

Before you can communicate these, however, you must first understand them yourself. Without this knowing, you often create confusion, frustration and extra work for yourself as your resources are allocated at cross purposes with our true desires. If you, for example, have your eye on a job you want, yet don’t give yourself permission to seek it, ask for it, take a shot at it…your chances of claiming it are drastically diluted. By the same token, when you see a situation unfolding in a way that you are not prepared to support or commit to, yet fail to set your boundaries, you are in a way misleading your environment and will end up doing “cleanup work”.

This week’s personal growth assignment, therefore, is this: Clarify your intentions.

1) CLARIFY your intentions. (write these answers down)

  • What do you WANT for your life?
  • What do you WANT in your professional realm?
  • What do you WANT in your romantic domain?
  • What do you WANT in your physical body?
  • What are you SEEKING to manifest?2)NAME what you will release.

Conversely, what do you want to avoid, NOT perpetuate, NOT draw to you? Write these things down, as well.


Own them. Embrace them. Embody them. Then communicate them to your surroundings. Let people know what your intentions are, and what they are not. This degree of transparency makes life quite a bit easier and eliminates a lot of drama.

  • Set a time of day when you read your intentions aloud to yourself, reminding yourself what you are committed to manifesting in your life, and what you are absolutely attempting to set boundaries from.
  • Put your world “on notice”. Share with the closest people in your environment what your goals are, and ask them to support your journey.

Good luck!

You owe it to yourself and others to do this work. Forge ahead.

Erin Williams

We all get up every day and go about our lives…heading to work, schlepping kids to school, winding our way through things to do lists. As we interface with people and carry on dialogues about the weather, an upcoming meeting or the new project or idea we have…our exterior persona seems normal and functional. This is our “outside” face…the one we produce for the public. However, if you turned most of us inside-out you would find us tagged with more graffiti than a truck-stop bathroom stall…the hidden emotional programming we must deal with and overcome simply to don that outside face. (more…)

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